Summer of Love

It seems that in San Francisco we won’t have the 50th anniversary of the summer of love.

I know Boots. He was the stage manager for Chet Helms.

I am Chet’s only protégé…Belle Starr.

Boots started at the PeaceQuake series of omniphonic concerts that culminated at City Hall.

Boots and Wavy took over and finished with Peace Sunday.

What is an omniphonic concert? The process was named by Woodstock and the result of a challenge from Jim Robison to me – “How to get around permits needed to put a concert on in People’s Park, Berkeley, California”.

My response was to read FCC part 19 and we did low power radio transmitted concerts – no permit needed but bring your radio! 1979-1984.


And we can have a worldwide “bring your internet or old style radio” and start from dateline and Oceania transmissions rolling around the world as The Summer of Love becomes The Summer of Peace and we begin reconstructing a world of unity.

Everyone everywhere can be at home or anywhere they want to participate- streets, parks, sandy shores to mountain peaks with the voice of reason and wisdom.

You can meet people as we all mingle around the world and talk and dance and love together in Peace one more time.

A global Peace In.
A global mixer.
A global meet-up.

We are the real diplomatic corps.

Come together over us.
War is over if you want it.