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Candidate for Chaos Control??? YES!

Things sure change quickly and I have been overwhelmed with the non-sense of Masque Hysteria and Dr Ah Chu’s prognostications.

No time for writing or posting all the corruption, cyber hacking, economic malfeasance of all of us, etc. etc etcetera.

I am runninfor Congress. US Representative (R) Hawaii 2020 and am using this site as my campaign website until I get another (?)

So go listen and subscribe to

catch up later but I speak better than write…my fingers can’t keep up!

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17 August, 2020 01:06

Bart is the originator and adds this then all delete this thread please

I have a better handle on the situation here and without an unusual windfall it is unwise to stay in Oregon more than 2-6 weeks and prudent to look for a car or more appropriate living. All help appreciated and will explain more individually if necessary. Notso Anonymous