It has occurred to me that there is an important story being ignored by all except the World’s Laziest Journalist.

This story involves an historic first that would be a shame to deny the future historians and present readers of political pundits.

Perhaps it has to do with fear of writing something that will only be interesting if someone else writes about it or the blessing of recognized news reporting does the first exposure of a marginalized subject.

It probably has to do with the contrary opinions about transgender olympics, bathrooms and denial of children to change their sex based upon media depictions of appearances and stereotypes rather than considering biological realities and the pursuit of Happiness.

Happiness can’t be based on truth so it must be based in shocking lies that can never be undone.

Who cares anyway if a castrate wants to revert to original identity or whether a prepubescent wants to dress up without knowing what sex is (or why they want to dress up) or what love is?

Why even write about truth and lies as morality has nothing to do with reality. Reality is what you make up on the fly.

Denial is much easier to defend than reason or touchy feelings. Touchy feelings are easier to adopt and accuse others of hate for not going along with a different opinion or viewpoint.  Besides, it is messy to write about genital mutilation in the name of dysphoric stereotypical and often hysterical gender roles.

The historical first is simply the truth from an old transsexual who accepts what people think they are rather than again pretend to be magically restored to where they were before barbaric sex reassignment surgery.  It surely isn’t transgenderism which rarely goes to sexual mutilation and obsessive interest in fake genitals.

No, the real historical first is that an individual can live with the dual truth with courage and be the first to qualify for the honorable office of Senator of the United States.

If this playful pundit is wrong then prove me wrong. If this pundit is right then journalists have a duty to report on what  the first transsexual has done in qualifying as  candidate for US Senate, making it on the ballot in Hawai’i for the November 8, 2016 election.

This achievement is only of interest to the johnny-come-latelies who will wait until the pioneer wins to write a single line of history.

No sense reporting on history until after the results as it might encourage other marginalized people to engage in democracy.

Perhaps that is what is really unacceptable.

Another First?

I am pleased, and humbled, to announce that Karla Gottschalk has qualified for the Hawai’i ballot for the position of United States Senate. At the very least the incumbent, an appointee who has never stood for re-election, will not go unopposed.  It is not in our democratic republic’s best interests to have so high an office merely handed to one candidate for lack of any opposition.

Who is Karla “Bart” Gottschalk? A true pioneer who blazed a trail in 1974 becoming one of the very early transsexuals. Karla then went on to Law School at Georgetown University Law School (1975-1976) and was admitted from the waiting list while waiting and car camping in the national park. A sickness in the family required the return to California and finishing up “her” JD at University of San Francisco, School of Law (1976-1979) which led to passing the bar in 1980.

This and the California Cryobank suit over destroyed sperm (and the great loss to “her” wife) made front page news in San Francisco and around America and landed an offer from William Morris Agency for representation as well as an appearance with Christine Jorgensen on the California Today TV program in Los Angeles.

Karla did not want to just be a freak but to do something of note, in law. There were plenty of others with outlandish names to titillate the public and Karla could practice law for the poor and outcast without becoming just another oddity.

Karla dedicated  “her” practice to helping the people and was instrumental in giving CopWatch a beginning, with Dr. James Robison, in Berkeley, CA., during the early 1980’s.

A crisis of conscience occurred in 1984 that lead to repentance and monastic vows – hence “Bart” from Bartholomew, given at the end of “his” novitiate.  After nearly 20 years of monasticism, the “church” had lost track of their hieromonk and so the path of a “fool for Christ” began. The Hermitage was in Ocean View, Hawai’i.

The practice of law was confined to federal courts and scholarly teaching of legal principles to those with legal problems and giving several alternative possible actions and leaving the rest to the individual so taught.

This led to some judges attempting to take “Her-Him” to court for practicing without a license unsuccessfully. Other matters included being an advisor for sovereigns appearing before judges and even the breaking into tears of a Secret Service agent’s lies under withering cross-examination.

All this brought was not honor or respect but unconstitutional oppression by the federal and state governments. Probably because a record of draft resistance and burning publicly of “his” draft card and as a scientist at UC Riverside finding that LSD repaired or retarded chromosome breakage in 1968-69. Being counsel for OccupySF and maintaining a peaceful demonstration did not help but bring Homeland Security into the fray against “her”.

In early 2010 “her” life was threatened for speaking out about several meth labs  within a mile radius of the Hermitage. “She” left for San Francisco during the “recession” to find work and, after passing all the required tests, was denied an interview, The position was for Contracts Compliance III in the San Francisco Human Rights Commission, whose director was a self-avowed “transgender” who claimed they did not know what MTF meant.

This was the first time Karla had heard of the term “transgender” and still has no idea what that nebulous term means except it was being used to give transvestites and “part-way” chemical or surgical gender dysphorics preference over women.  It was used to castigate white men and befuddle the populace as “men” started having babies and women had male genitalia.  Karla knew the suffering “he” had caused “his” family and took on the mission to tell the truth about the LGBT lies regarding the “magic” of having a sex-change.

I guess I wasn’t very popular or successful as now in California you have to be 21 as of June 1, 2016, to buy  tobacco products, which being harmful one can recover from, but you can have you life sterilized forever before you are even a teenager. Child abuse for LGBT political power.

The truth is Karla is technically a eunuch as sex change does not mean functional but sterile and only a mimic of  the “chosen” gender. No man is ever a physiological woman and no woman becomes a physiological man. What one gets is a life of lying.

Pretending leads to suicides that are uncounted and dysfunctional families. So where do the children they bring up come from? Adoption or worse.  And every parent tends to try and make copies of themselves so it is not surprising to find lesbians agreeing to castrate their boy adoptees and turn them into “girls”.

This is too much. I had to find out what was going on. Why did I not get the job I was qualified for? For not having a job but always being a solo practitioner of law? Or is it more sinister?

Karla found out it was sinister and the Human Rights Commission unfairly awarded contracts to supporters and against others simply lied and oppressed.  That is why TB means nothing to SF Public health and only HIV and condoms have a place in the city that reported recently that approximately every other day they were paying or producing a new transsexual surgically but keeping the lid on reason and furthering confusion by only allowing one to be transgender and never “normal” in society.

This has led to the imperial edict that all states have to subject their children to transgender bathrooms and if not, no federal funds for school lunches, roads or what have you. Haven’t the gay men already had enough bathroom sex?

I am that pioneer who will stand against the lies and domination of a few very ill people.  I don’t hate them, I cry for the suffering caused. For the loss of normality and the love that wants and needs to express itself in normal sex and for many, the blessing of children.

I don’t know if I could have done anything differently for myself in 1974 but I lament the loss of the wife I truly loved.  She thought paying for the surgery would bring us closer I guess.  I was a mess and had no business involving her in my mental problems and instability.

Yes, as far as I know I am the first pioneer to run for Senate anywhere. I promise integrity and honest and ask all of Hawai’i to support my candidacy for I serve you and our children not some small group of afflicted souls who want, as infantile children do, to form the world in their image. I want us together to form a good society that is compassionate but  not one cowed into allowing sickness to rule over reason.

Please see my LinkedIn profile. Please prove me. Please vote me into the senate to protect the good people of Hawai’i and The United States.


Scientific American said WHAT?




Waiting in line to buy the basics for dinner I noticed the new Scientific American on the stands. The cover proclaims it is on the sexual mind.

A teaser on the cover asks “How Gay are you?” and offers “Transgender and Young” articles. Food for punditry if not for thought.  Is this really the Scientific American of the last 100 years or more? What has happened to science?

How gay are you, really? This must be an April Fools joke. No, the cover proclaims a special issue for spring and it should be on the stands until May. Titillating, so lets look inside.

“The greatest obstacle to an antidote for anorgasmia (sic) may be squeamishness about masturbation in the presence of a stranger”, from the article Lust’s Reward.

I am “squeamish” in front of anyone.  My fantasies are private and I don’t need you voyeurs to share the experience. Better to play the maid upstairs being taken in a frolic.  Much better and less work with more pleasure.

And what about the rewards of LOVE? IMHO masturbation sucks rotten eggs compared to Love. When did sex become 24/7?

We are not Bonobos but I am willing to listen to them lecture on mediation as a way of conflict resolution. According to the Bonobos a little dalliance brings resolution without violence and, um, with honor. (See page 42.  The answer is 42?)

And now what is : Transgender and young?

I  can hardly wait to be sterilized.? A teenager is quoted as “ It makes me sad when I realize I can’t have my own children. But sometimes in life, when you really want something, you have to accept things you don’t like.”

The child starts high school next Fall.

Oh, really?  Can a child really understand a life of sterility at 14? And who really has the right to make such a choice for a child? This is not a property issue.

I did make a sperm deposit that was intentionally destroyed by the California Cryobank . It was front page news in San Francisco 6 years after my sex reassignment surgery in 1974.  It was done for my wife. She left after the possibility of children evaporated.

Now, as to what you want-is that enough?  I never wanted to be a transsexual but I know from my first thoughts I “knew” I was female and prayed to be changed, then fell in love and prayed to be healed.

Do you know what the future will bring? NO.  But you are willing “forever” to live a lie and be sterile at fourteen? A eunuch or a spayed female?

As your older sister (or brother) erotic transvestism cannot be transsexual but can be transgender.  You don’t need to mutilate yourself.  You have already seen how much hurt and suffering it brings you and those who are close to you and love you.

Are you aware of the number of transsexuals that no longer accept sex change as the answer? Do you really want to never really be female (or male) but fool people by passing because it makes you feel better to parade an affliction adorned with deceit?

Really, WHAT is gender? Is it S-E-X? Let’s cut to the chase.

Hi!, What are you? I’m a 66 year old transsexual! I am a person of color: white hair with some kinky black hairs, blue eyes, light brown skin and my mother was Spanish/Italian, my father was a non-privileged white man with ethics.

A gender changer is something that allows a bolt to bolt connection or nut to nut. Gender is a thing not a person.Gender is not sex. My affliction was the drive to be sexually fulfilled without having to be a stereotype.

Anyone can pretend to be a stereotype but it takes courage to be authentic.

There has to be a better way.  I was a peer as well as contemporary of Christine Jorgensen. Let’s talk and solve this for the betterment of all.

Isn’t writing propaganda for sex role adjustment by sex change just as fraught with danger and as irresponsible as giving a child a revolver and a single bullet and teaching them the game of “Russian Roulette”?

It is the Spring Solstice and these are the fertility rites of Spring. Why is Scientific American celebrating masturbation and gender mutilation?

Transparency Today

This seems a better place to give links….maybe, comments?

Platform for Mayor of SF

Karla Gottschalk (aka Belle Starr) filed for the office of Mayor of San Francisco.
Homeless advocate, free concert producer under The Family Dog, attorney, naturopath and whistleblower has signed papers and taken out voter registration forms with the petitions for signatures in lieu of paying for having a place on the ballot.
“I hope we can re-empower all the poor, suffering, homeless, elders and youth with respect that engenders true equality of opportunity and sharing in the progress of our very special and wacky City with it’s Barbary Coast and pioneer spirit”.
Born in San Francisco – Counsel, OccupySF by consensus
San Francisco State University early from Terra Nova High and later for a Masters in Speech and Communications;
University of California, Riverside (Genetics) and Berkeley (English and Biology);
Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, DC and University of San Francisco JD Law.
Middle Temple, Bar of England and Wales, US Tax Court, Calbar
Peace Corps/Ethiopia- World Health Organization/Smallpox Eradication Program
Certified Traditional Naturopath (ND)
One of San Francisco’s first transsexuals (psychic hermaphrodite) – On California Today with Christine Jorgensen.
LinkedIn Profile
COMMUNITY MUTUAL BENEFIT ASSOCIATIONS : Cut out the middle-man corporations and empower our people in our communities to fix our problems by not outsourcing but awarding contracts to the community. This will stimulate jobs and local training of our youth. We will have to clean up Treasure Island and Hunter’s Point, for instance, anyway in the long run as taxpayers.
Curtail SPECIAL APPOINTMENTS : The power to appoint out of an elected position and then appoint a unelected representative is base corruption and must be made subject to advice and consent of the Board of Supervisors.
Eradicate TARGETING BY POLICE: Collate the officers writing pretextual complaints with the racial/homeless or other profiling and begin cleaning house of those who dishonor “Protect and Serve”
Office of CITIZEN LEGISLATION : City resources and staff to craft initiatives, recalls and referendums. Help in preparing and serving FOIA requests. Ethics back in government.
HOUSING and Gentrification : San Francisco used to be beautiful and not just concrete boxes plopped everywhere. We have ugly buildings that cost too much to live in. We have artists, engineers and architects who yearn to create beauty like Frank Lloyd Wright and it is time to get them working! Housing for everyone…each one teach one how to repair and keep up what we have…restore personal dignities.
PUBLIC HEALTH Sit/Lie, Public Toilets and Refuse Bins: San Francisco used to be a clean and friendly city but now the elderly can’t sit down and the youth are harassed for being together. The public access to toilets is severely limited and often denied to the poor, elderly and homeless on a regular basis. There is almost no place to throw trash anymore. We must restore basic city services and we will all feel better about ourselves and our once again beautiful city by the bay.
CHILDREN : Our children are our greatest resource and responsibility. Infant pornography and pedophilia in government must be rooted out.
TOURISM and ARTISTS : San Francisco is a haven for many so why are we oppressing our artists and their venues? Global tourism is not to see our gentrification but to feel our freedom to be who you think you are
CIVIL RIGHTS _ RELIGION AND LGBT : Toleration. No one is so special and we are all here in lifeboat SF together. No more hatred! Christians and trannies, time to hug!

We changed the World from San Francisco in the sixties and stopped war and stuff for awhile. We can change it again and institute integrity in government rooting out corruption and foiling the oligarchs of the new empire. We don’t need empire we need to stop the corporate destruction of our only habitat in the known universe.

Contact :
SFPARTY 202-643-5052 leave message

Mayor Lee’s Nightmare

ANNOUNCING the candidacy of Belle Starr, Outlawyer and Counsel for OccupySF, for Mayor of San Francisco.
All homeless can register at the closest cross streets for their address, all SRO’s can participate and sit/lie cannot prevail against political speech if you are registering other homeless!!!
Petitions for signatures to put Karla Gottschalk, homeless advocate and homeless attorney, on the ballot. We need 10,000 and we can clean the corruption and empower the world with our wackiness and pioneer spirit. Peace and love to everyone!

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