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Nuclear plant swarmed; Parrot exits consumer market

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AOPA Drone Pilot Documents reveal a scramble to protect nuclear plants; Parrot shifts focus to professionals.

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VOL 4, ISSUE 16 August 4, 2020
Top Stories
Powerless power plant(s)
Powerless power plant(s)
The most powerful nuclear plant in the United States was besieged by a swarm of unidentified drones that flew over some of the most sensitive areas within the complex, highlighting an emerging threat posed by unmanned aircraft systems. Read more >
Training and Safety
Feet wet
Feet wet
A day of filming over water nearly proved costly, and this video reminds us that UAS can sometimes surprise a pilot. (Image courtesy of Russell Schundler via Vimeo.) Watch the video >
No-fly zones imposed
Federal authorities banned drone flights over federal buildings in Portland, Oregon, citing a belief that small unmanned aircraft were surveilling federal agents. Meanwhile, the U.S. Navy reminded all operators that military bases are also no-drone zones.
Parrot exits consumer drone market
French drone-maker Parrot’s co-founder and CEO Henri Seydoux confirmed the end of the company’s consumer drone production, and the firm’s future focus on professional applications. Read more >
Security concerns dog DJI
Security concerns dog DJI
Researchers uncovered a potential vulnerability in DJI flight control software. The Chinese drone giant responded in detail.
Right tool for the job site
Monitoring work in progress is one of many tasks that drones can facilitate for the construction industry. Read more >
Fleet management: Here is another app for that
AirHub has released an app to help professional drone users manage large fleets. Read more >
AUVSI moves event online
AUVSI moves event online
The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International will run the second half of the FAA UAS Symposium online August 18 and 19, and moved its own Xponential event online as well, this one in October.
Follow the ball
CBS and the PGA announced plans to add drone cams to golf broadcasts. Read more >
Have you seen this drone?
No, the sign on that light pole is not for a lost cat: A Canadian drone pilot took an old-school approach to finding his flown-away UAS. Read more >
Growing smarter
Missouri farmers are using UAS to boost crop yields. Read more >
Repaired to standards
After oil drilling sites are returned to their natural state, these drones help verify that the job was done right. Read more >
Public Safety
Intentions, responsibility, transparency
As public safety agencies continue adopting drones in ever-increasing numbers, experts advise a proactive approach to community relations and education. Read more >
Drone crashes accident investigation
Police investigating a fatal car accident in Houston nearly had to duck because of an onlooker’s drone that crashed and damaged a cruiser. Read more >
Evolution of a department’s drone use
An Alabama sheriff’s department started renting unmanned aircraft in 2014. Today, the department owns five UAS and has certificated remote pilots on staff. Read more >
Texas-sized sanitizer
Arvika Aerial Tech is partnering with stadiums across Texas to sanitize seats that event organizers hope to fill with football fans in the fall. Read more >
Regulation and Policy
Royal lawsuit
Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Sussex are suing members of the paparazzi who flew drones over Los Angeles to capture pictures of the couple’s 14-month-old son. Read more >
DHS testing counter-drone measures
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is testing counter-drone technology to monitor how smugglers are using drones near ports of entry. Read more >
Sharks or no sharks…
Southern California researchers are flying drones to spot sharks, but a similar effort on the East Coast hit a snag because of government restrictions.
Too many remotes to click
Audi (an AOPA premier partner) is using drones to track recently completed cars in factory lots. Read more >
Copycats continue
Biomimicry abounds in the drone world, this time with a new design that has four wings and lands like a bird. Read more >
Featured Video
Mirror over the sea
Mirror over the sea
The Spanish Mediterranean island of Mallorca is the backdrop for this creative project using an editing technique to render an alternate version of reality. (Image courtesy of Zumbakamera via Vimeo.) Watch the video >
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