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The Truth About Transgender


“It’s still a parking meter” -Bill the Cat

Those who have followed my posts know that I am a transsexual who is against the horrid lie of transgenderism. You may well ask why.

Personally I regret the sadness and suffering that occurred in my significant other and my family and friends.

The discrimination that followed was degrading – at welfare to go into a closet and prove my status… To not understand why so many asked about my periods.  I never had a period.

In a word I “passed”. I passed well long ago.

I was in the national news in  Spring/Summer 1980, just after passing the California Bar.  I was on a morning Los Angeles television show with Christine Jorgensen.

The most important thing Christine said was “Are you happy?”.

I was confused by the question but have asked others in the LGBT and found negative response.

After my surgery in San Francisco in 1974 I saw the results that included suicides. Too many suicides of transsexuals and those who loved them.

I know that Johns Hopkins and Stanford no longer do the surgeries.  No one seems to care that this procedure is privatized and denounced by the very universities who first explored sex reassignment surgery. WHY?

Thank God, it turns out to be mere mutilation and loss of the gift of life, the ability to pass on life which I had tried to save with a sperm deposit.  That’s why I was in the news and on TV.  I was 24 not 50 or 60 or 70 when I went through sexual reassignment.

I knew I could heal with family therapy before 1974 but Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute said they didn’t do that so I knew the only current solution was sexual reassignment.  It is not real but you can pretend for as long as you wish to deceive yourself or others.

I did experience professional school  “as a woman” and discrimination from lesbians and a heavy dose of male chauvinism.

I refused a lucrative contract  do my life story to practice law.  Who wants a transsexual for a lawyer? I was the last person people came to, and even then the transgenders bit my hand when I tried to help.

The recent discrimination has been official for not going along with the transgender illusion.  Transgenders do not allow contrary opinions and are vicious towards anyone who challenges them.

I never was active in the LGBT and then I was discriminated against by transgenders in the Human Rights Commission in San Francisco who even claimed to not know what MTF meant.

The entire LGBT knows what that and FTM mean.

The guys don’t get that manhood is speaking the truth with ethics and integrity so I wonder what the bearded ladies calling themselves transgenders mean.

Turns out they had and still have a lot to cover up and the fall “guy” is going to be Zula Jones.

I am comfortable in repenting of all my sins and have a comfortable relationship with the Holy One as I like to refer to them.  They sometimes have other names for me and the jokes are a part of healing realizations. It’s an It?  San Francisco’s finest.

Cut to the chase: TRANSSEXUALISM IS NOT REVERSIBLE (at least the surgery but I won’t speak of God’s incredible power with regard to conscience and soul).

Funny, no one mentions the conscience in psychology any longer. Do they?

Former male professor at 53 becomes transgender woman and states in Reason April 2017 page 13 :

“If your little girl keeps saying she wants to be a boy, maybe in freedom you ought to let her. After all, contrary to the myth on the lips of transphobes, IT’S REVERSIBLE (caps mine). If the new boy wants to go back to girlhood , he can.”

There you have it from a Libertarian attitude.

Transgender is reversible and transsexual is not. 

The lie is that transgenders are more than transvestites and in fact are not.

The truth is the ugly hatred of women rampant in all levels of society. 

Become a woman to become property. Become a man to use and abuse property. Isn’t it all just fetishism? The clothing, the look, the status and role.

Transgenderism has nothing to with sex. It is only a role to be played. The former male professor skirts the issue of SRS and whether they are transsexual or not and if so why pretend to be transgender while enticing youngsters into “it’s reversible”?

On the other hand, if only transgender – why bother?  Drag Queens are very popular.

Now you know why the bathroom issue has no footing and the transgender phenomenon is anathema to equal opportunity, if not good sense, as it encourages an illusion that can wreck lives.  Designed to wreck lives in a sense, like misery loves company.

The LGBT seems to play sick roles. 

Don’t fall for that cults’ mind control!

Wasn’t it Brave New World that regulated sex and made a class of fertile allowed to breed while everyone else was a worker? Isn’t that the plan of social justice saying “we’re all the same” ? Look at the socialist grey and individuality allowed only according to class definitions given by the central committee.

I know I am a man despite the governments classifications because I was born such.

I would rather be an honest maverick than a media entranced zombie allowing such destructive deceptions practiced on us by political party and mainstream “news” and “analysis”.  Do your own fact checking.


Sunday is Forgiveness Sunday before Lent. If I have offended you, please forgive me.