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Qui Tam

Welcome to a new site dedicated to bringing Justice into line with Integrity and Ethics.

Anyone interested in developing a “whistleblower app” please jump up! We can empower every person in the world (let’s start here) to report government corruption and waste.

I discovered in my own whistling that it was one thing to have evidence but somehow journalists, applicants and citizens at large are excluded from protections.  This causes a gap between knowing and acting-between investigation and complaints.

Add the erosion of rights and quality of evidence (hearsay is allowed and double hearsay preferred), attorneys cannot be protectors, at trial you may have to buy a reporter to have a record and the recent ex post facto legislation allowed to grab bitcoins after the fact and with no previous notice.

Our forbearers would be shocked into revolution but we still hope in the indomitable spirit of true patriots to preserve the only land of democratic republicanism and liberty that has been a light to the world until recently when our governments became corrupt.

Qui Tam means in the Name of the King (or Queen) and we use it to mean “In The Name Of The Most Holy One”. Maybe God is a contraction of “Good” ( and Goodness not Go()d or G()od(n)ess).

501(c)(4) FOR DIRECT ACTION, LOBBYING AND ETC. AND PROTECTOR OF (AND ALLOWING PASS-THROUGH DONATIONS) TO THE CHARITABLE HEART OF 501(c)(3) to provide reporters, lawyers, protective services and support for whistleblowers and others questioning power and corruption.

No More Convenient Deaths of Witnesses!